Online marketing for local businesses

We help local businesses attract more customers through a stronger presence on the internet.

Can your customers find you on the internet?

  • 80% of all buyers search on the internet, before looking at any other type of advertisement.
  • 98% make their purchase with businesses that are located on the first page of their internet search.

SCD Consulting Services offers a large selection of marketing services- personalized to meet your company’s needs, and tailored to fit your market.  Each online marketing service package is designed individually, based on what’s needed for you to dominate your market area.

You know you need to have your business on the internet to keep it viable and moving forward.   Over 1 billion LOCAL searches are made each month. This number is growing every year.

Give us a call, 704-904-2642 or email if you would like to talk to a consultant and see if your business qualifies for our services.

Don’t take it personally if we turn you down.  We only take a local business if we believe we can get them to the top of the search engines for all of their keywords. We also only take a local business if we currently aren’t working with one of your competitors.  We only accept one type business in each market area.

You save tons of money while we work, as your concierge online marketing consultant, to get you to the top of the search engines, bring you more customers, and generate more revenue.

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